Residential English courses running every Monday from 4th of November.


What is Residential English?

Live and learn English in the same home as your EFL instructor, allowing you access to your instructor outside of teaching hours. Spend a week, or two, in a lovely Victorian House which is surrounded by a grove of impressive Sequoia Trees and enjoy learning in the unique and spectacular surroundings of Loch Ness. Wake up to peaceful surroundings and have continental breakfast in the conservatory, complete with some of the best views this area can offer. Improve your English with Clarissa, an American native English speaker and Trinity College Dublin Masters graduate as well as an experienced EFL-qualified instructor and during your meal times, have a taste of Scottish hospitality with someone who has been in the B&B business for many years. Spend some of your free time with Clarissa or other staff on excursions exploring the area and practising your conversational English as well as enjoying your stay! All our rooms are double with en-suite facilities and are either for single-occupancy or come with a friend and share.


What is our methodology?

Each course has no more than 6 students, allowing you to get the most from a small and close-knit class. We focus on speaking and listening skills through a task-based approach. This approach allows the lessons to be engaging, challenging and fun!


Our Promise

By the end of your stay, you will feel more confident in your ability to speak English. Enjoy a close relationship with your instructor and use your free time either to arrange private lessons with our instructor or to explore the Loch Ness area. Go at your own pace and extend your stay, should you wish. Achieve your personal goals with an experienced ESL-qualified teacher and enjoy your stay in the meanwhile.


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